Our Vision

Our Vision is to govern ourselves, providing and caring for one another, our families, and our communities while nurturing our relationship with our land, ice, and waters.

Immminik aulatsiluta, sakKititsiKattavugut amma ikKasotiKatigeKattavugut, ilagijattinut, amma nunagijattinut piguvalliaKullugit ilagennigijavut nunattinut, sikumut amma imannut.

Areas of Focus

Land & Environment

We live in harmony with our environment and share in nature’s generosity while ensuring the conservation and preservation of our land, ice and waters.

Education & Culture

We share and learn by honouring our past, embracing our present, and reclaiming our future.

Health and Wellness

We nurture and support our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health to ensure the wellbeing of our families and communities.

Economic & Business Development

We facilitate opportunities and platforms for meaningful employment, business development, capacity building and growth to foster sustainable communities.


We meet community-specific infrastructure needs, through an equity-based approach that fosters robust communities.

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