Message from President Todd Russell in honour of Remembrance Day

On this Remembrance Day, let us take a moment to reflect on what our veterans have so selflessly done for us. Many have given their lives for the peace and freedom we all enjoy today. Let us pay tribute to the men and women who still serve and for whom the burden of war and violence is a present reality. We pray for their health and safe return to their loved ones.

We honour the brave Indigenous veterans who have faced prejudice and discrimination just to wear the uniform. They deserve our gratitude for selflessly sacrificing their lives and well-being for our freedom. We acknowledge the many brave men and woman of NunatuKavut who have served, and continue to serve, in the Canadian Forces and the men, women and youth in our communities who proudly wear their Canadian Ranger and Junior Canadian Ranger uniforms.

We also fondly remember Elder Uncle Ken Mesher today. He took great pride in his service to his county and was very involved in honouring veterans. He was an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and was present at many of their memorial services where he is surely missed today. Uncle Ken made a great difference for the better in his homeland and beyond. In honour of Uncle Ken, I am proud to announce that the NunatuKavut Community Council will be making a $1,000 donation to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #51.

On this day of remembrance, I am reminded of the freedom we have in celebrating our diversity. I am  proud that we can continue to live as Inuit on these  lands, ice and waters we call home. Canada’s strength lies in honouring its many “Peoples.” And when there is peace, harmony and respect among each other, we are all stronger.

Let us remember our Veterans and thank them and their families.  Nakummek.