Release of 2019-20 Annual General Assembly video!

Check out this latest video creation from many of our youth involved in our NunatuKavut Youth Community Engagement Project, led by staff in NCC’s Health and Social department!

They did a fabulous job compiling the many highlights from our exciting 2019-20 Annual General Assembly (AGA), one of the largest gatherings to date. Much appreciation to our team and all of the youth for the countless hours spent getting footage and putting this video together! Special thanks to:

– Nikita Bradley (NCC staff)
– Maddysen Campbell (Charlottetown youth)
– Wanda Lee Mesher (NCC staff)
– Monica Rumbolt (St. Lewis youth)
– Zoey Russell (Port Hope Simpson youth)
– Hailey Turnbull (Charlottetown youth)
– Noah Turnbull (Wabush youth)

Stay tuned for more videos capturing what our youth love about their communities and showcasing all of the great things happening in NunatuKavut!