NCC is inviting proposals from the private sector to ship 75 cords of firewood from Port Hope Simpson to Black Tickle, Labrador. The successful enterprise will work in partnership with a commercial firewood harvester in Port Hope Simpson to load processed firewood bags onto a marine vessel and transport the product to the dock in Black Tickle in the summer of 2020. Firewood may be loaded onto vessels in Port Hope Simpson, Pinsent’s Arm, Cartwright or any community deemed convenient by the applicant.

If interested, please complete the short application form below and submit by email to ckippenhuck@nunatukavut.ca.

Submissions must be received by July 15, 2020. NCC’s Community Firewood Planning Committee will evaluate submissions and announce results by July 31, 2020.


This initiative is part of a community firewood pilot project being led by NCC’s Department of Research, Education and Culture and Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Black Tickle was chosen as the first pilot partner community due to the significant challenges the community faces in accessing sources for home heating. Community members are travelling long distances to harvest firewood as the community’s only fuel supplier ceased operations in 2015 and the cost of electric heat is prohibitive for most households.

A separate contract was awarded to a commercial firewood harvester to cut and prepare the firewood.  The cordwood will be delivered to 10 households selected in consultation with the Local Service District. A community member will be hired to assist in project coordination.


  • The partner enterprise will be asked to participate in a project debrief
  • The partner enterprise will be required to load firewood bags, ship them to the community of Black Tickle, and unload them on the community’s dock
  • The partner enterprise must follow any public health directives related to COVID-19 pandemic in place when the contracted work begins