ikajuKatigek Medical Transportation Program

The ikajuKatigek (ik/ga/you/hot/de/geek) Medical Transportation Program (MTP) is a program intended to provide financial support to eligible full members of NCC to help alleviate some of the travel costs incurred to access specialized insured medical services. Translated from Inuttitut, ikajuKatigek means helping one another and is reflective of NCC’s vision of governing ourselves, providing and caring for one another, our families and our communities while nurturing our relationship with our lands and waters.

The maximum amounts annually are up to $5,000 per patient and up to $7,000 per patient with escort(s). These amounts are renewed as of April 1 each fiscal year, budget permitting.

This program is open to full members of NCC.

This program is extended until March 31, 2025.

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Application Forms:

*Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the forms electronically. Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Contact Information:

All enquiries about this program can be directed to:

Lisa Rumbolt
Medical Transportation Program Officer
Tel: 709-896-0482
Fax: (709) 896-0939


Cynthia Burt
Medical Transportation Program Officer
Tel: (709) 949-0202
Fax: (709) 949-0204

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