Virtual Physical Wellness Services

NCC is partnering with Inclusive Health and Fitness to offer virtual physical wellness services, which are available to NunatuKavut members at NO COST.

This includes:

  • private or semi-private training
  • group training
  • nutritional coaching

Contact Garreth Kippenhuck directly to book your appointment today!

Phone: 709-693-6048
Facebook: Inclusive Health and Fitness

Here’s what one user of Garreth’s programming had to say:

“Since starting my fitness training with Inclusive Health and Fitness, Garreth is constantly helping me to set fitness goals and work on achieving them. He has also help me establish a more healthy lifestyle through which I feel more energetic, which has improved functionality at work and home, and better able to keep up with my two young kids! I like how Garreth’s approach encompasses the NunatuKavut way of life.”

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