Community Hub

The Sandwich Bay Community Hub is a partnership among the Sandwich Bay 50+ Club, NunatuKavut Community Council and Memorial University that will enhance community access to research and education. The Hub offers a tangible means of connecting to our past, celebrating our culture and forging a path forward for generations to come, here in NunatuKavut.

What kind of activities take place at the Hub? What can the Hub be used for?

  • A gathering place for researchers
  • Social activities such as craft sales and craft workshops
  • Job skills training
  • FAC courses
  • Job search and resume writing
  • Print and fax documents

Upcoming Events

Contact us:

Priscilla Clark
Community Hub Coordinator (Cartwright)
Tel: (709) 640-7499

Barbie Mesher
Part-Time Community Hub Coordinator (Cartwright)
Tel: (709) 538-7613